Promotional Items

Using Promotions to Increase Brand Awareness

Promotional items are everywhere these days - tradeshows, conventions, store openings, etc.

But how do you find an item that is intriguing enough for someone to pickup and practical enough for everyday use?  Picking something "fun" may encourage someone to pick up your item, but if its useful your brand will be seen multiple times as the item is used.  
Some ideas for picking your promotional item:

  • Think small and practical.  Something that can be used in an office setting is ideal!
  • Think outside the box.  Your branding will be lost if you get the latest pen and discover all of your competitors are using the same one.  Try to be unique.
  • Be choosy with your items.  Make sure your logo and messaging will fit onto the item for the highest possible visibility.
  • If you use a lot of promotional items, consider buying in bulk to save money.

Another use for promotional items is to announce a new product or service.  Using a promotional item is a creative way to launch; try creative packaging, a "themed" mailer, or a "tickler" postcard with the promise of an item when they call a number or register on your website.  

We can help you brainstorm ideas for your next promotion.  Give us a call or email us.

Wearables are another option and a great way to increase your brand awareness and create a cohesive employee look at tradeshows and events.

We can help you choose which wearables suit your needs - t-shirts, polo shirts, jackets or fleeces - the options are almost endless.  Polo shirts branded as a "uniform" for employees to wear when representing your company, and t-shirts are great give-aways during events.

Reward your employees with warm jackets, fleeces and other items for a job well done.

Let us help you wade through all the options and develop a unique program to suit your needs.