Questions & Answers

What is pre-flighting?

Pre-flighting is a term used in the print industry to describe the process of confirming that the digital files required for the print job are valid, correctly formatted, and of the correct type.


What design programs do you accept?

We accept Adobe InDesign, Quark Xpress, .eps, and .pdf files.


What is digital printing?

Digital printing is the reproduction of digital images into a printed piece, and allows on-demand print and is generally used for short runs.


What is “direct to plate printing?”

Direct to plate printing is an imaging technology used in modern printing processes. In this technology, an image created in a desktop publishing (DTP) application is output directly to a printing plate, providing more cost-effective short print runs and faster turnaround stripping; as well as eliminating many of the environmentally damaging chemicals used in developing films and plates.

I want to do a promotional item for an upcoming tradeshow but I have a very small budget.  What can I do?

We provide a variety of options and customize an item within your budget and time frame.  Typical tradeshow items include pens, key chains, mugs, and stuffed animals.  Let our expertise help you choose an item and customize and you will be using them on the tradeshow floor in no time!